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Colombia Swiss Water Decaf

Colombia Swiss Water Decaf
Colombia Swiss Water Decaf
Product image 1Colombia Swiss Water Decaf
Product image 2Colombia Swiss Water Decaf

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Cupping Notes: Milk Chocolate, with hints of Cherry and slight Sweet Lemon         

         Colombia coffee beans are decaffeinated through the Swiss Water process, and medium roasted well into the second crack to a consistent deep brown color.

Beans are soaked in hot water and then the water is run through a filter removing the caffeine. The beans are then dumped back into the water and slowly dried. The result is a flavorful coffee that in our blind tests is indistinguishable from our regular Colombia Mile High.

Photo: High mountains provide cool temperatures to allow development of more proteins and fats in the seed, than coffee grown at lower altitudes. 3500 to 4000 feet seems to be the level where you begin to notice a denseness in the coffee beans. They are much heavier than low altitude beans -except in Hawaii where the trade winds cool the coffee plants at sea level to the same temps as the mountains in South America. Slow roasting these "SHG" beans (Strictly High Grown) brings out the exquisite flavors that you find in our Colombia Swiss Water Decaf.

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