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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Light

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Light
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Light
Product image 1Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Light
Product image 2Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Light

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Cupping Notes: Spicy, citrus, flora, & fruity, with a hint of milk chocolate
         Legend has it that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the Seventh Century by a goat herder who saw his flock eating small red cherries off a large bush, and afterward, they began dancing around. He investigated, took home the berries, roasted the seeds, and made a delicious brew that energized his body and mind.
        This sounds like many of our mornings. We grind beans from a high altitude coffee plant, brew a highly aromatic beverage, and then savor the delicious flavor of an exquisite brew. Soon, we too are dancing around in body, soul, and spirit.
        The most famous coffee cultivation in Ethiopia is around Yirga Chefe, a city which lies at 6200 feet elevation. The farms in this region produce a fragrant, fruity, spicy, world class coffee.
         We roast our Yirgacheffe Light slowly, watching the color of the beans change from green to yellow, to cinnamon, and finally a consistent brown. At the first hint of the second crack, we dump these beans, The result is a smooth, complex coffee that combines fruit, flora, citrus, and spicy tones.
Photo: Coffee production is very labor intensive, especially in the high mountainous terrain of Ethiopia, as well as Central & South America. We wanted to include photos of those hands that pick coffee. When you see these hands, you realize they are connected to a person, that is part of a hard working family that makes their livelihood working the coffee farm. That is why we love to pay a fair price for our green coffee, and give back through our school project.
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