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Picking Maui Coffee

Photo: Iao Stream coming out of the West Maui Mountains.

I consider Maui to be home, although my job takes me to Nicaragua, Honduras, and Florida each year. I'm fortunate to be able to call all of these places home, as since 1984 when I left Maui for a two week trip to help refugees from the war in Nicaragua I have had to live for extended periods in each of these countries-- still do.

Photo: Arielle, Laura, Michael, and Moselle having fun in the cold Iao Stream.

This past month was spent on Maui, working with our friends at Hope Chapel in Kihei. I took many rides up into Iao Valley, during this time.

It is a steep road up- which usually takes me 35 minutes from our home, and it is a fast ride down, about 15 minutes with speeds up to 35 mph. The speeds uphill sometime hover at 4 mph.

Along the road up to Iao, there are coffee plants along the road. I saw many red cherries as I rode up, and one day decided to pick some.

I popped a few in my mouth, and the sweetness was delicious. I removed the pulp, dried them in the wind, and I will plant them in a few days.

Growing coffee is something I have always wanted to do.

While on Maui, I went to visit my friend Jeff, who runs the Maui Grown Coffee plantation in Lahaina and Kaanapali. This was a farm that was planted years ago by my dear friend David Morell, who was then the manager of the Pioneer Mill, Dave took 6 years to develop an extensive farm, with yellow caturra, red catuai, and a special "moka' which is a smaller bean. I arranged with Jeff and the administrator Ci Ci for shipping a 100 lb sack of the Yellow Caturra. Soon we will be roasting Maui Ono Gold!

This coffee is special, with minty berry tones, and a mocha finish. Sweet! We do a triple roast on these beans, as we like the berry tones of the light roast, the mint of the medium, and the chocolate of the dark. It si a nice combo.

I have the best job in the world!






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