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Ethiopia Gwangwa Abaya

Ethiopia Gwangwa Abaya
Ethiopia Gwangwa Abaya
Product image 1Ethiopia Gwangwa Abaya
Product image 2Ethiopia Gwangwa Abaya

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Cupping Notes: Very Berry, Spice, Floral

30 kilometers north of Yirga Cheffe is the town of Gwangwa, near Lake Abaya.

          Farmers here cultivate a coffee that is notable for its “very berry”, spicy, floral notes. When we open a new burlap & plastic sealed bag of Gwanga, our roasting room fills with a delicious fruity fragrance. We can’t wait to roast this exquisite coffee!  We use the same profile as the Yirgacheffe Light, dumping the coffee at the first hint of the second crack.

We purchase this green coffee from Dominion Trading, which funds schools and clinics in Ethiopia from their coffee importation and roasting business, in a similar manner as we do with our friends in Nicaragua. This is truly "100% Certified Humanic" coffee.

 Photo: We are coffee lovers! It is the friendship drink. Relationships are formed and cultivated over a loving cup!

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