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Sumatra Rain

Sumatra Rain
Sumatra Rain
Product image 1Sumatra Rain
Product image 2Sumatra Rain

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Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Syrupy, Cedar, with a hint of Spice

       From the farms in the Gayo Mountains on the northwestern tip of Sumatra, near Aceh, the site of the terrible Christmas tsunami in 2004, this Mandheling coffee is world renowned for its heavy body and earthy tones. Only in these past few years has Gayo Mountain coffee production returned to pre-tsunami levels.
        We roast our Sumatra Rain to a dark consistent brown and dump the coffee when small specks of oil are visible. The result is a very complex coffee, which we are careful not to over roast.

Photo: Coffee production often takes place in remote Third World rain forest locations, where cargo is sometimes carried on a woman's head through patches of standing rainwater. Coffee beans are heavy, and coffee production is a very labor intensive activity!

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