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Timor White Star

Timor White Star
Timor White Star
Product image 1Timor White Star
Product image 2Timor White Star

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Cupping Notes: Almond, Vanilla, with a hint of Chocolate

      On the boundary of the Indian and Pacific Ocean lies the small island of Timor. Portuguese settlers began planting coffee 400 years ago, although coffee leaf rust has resulted in replanting most of the fields in recent years. Most of the coffee farms are in the eastern part of the island, which won its independence from Indonesia in 1999 through a bloody war. We remember this valiant struggle by adding the “White Star” to our label.  
      These farms are small- less than a hectare, yet coffee provides most of the economy of this island nation. We like our Timor medium roasted, with consistent brown color and a hint of oil on the bean. This is one of our most popular coffees. We love the deep complexity of this bean!

Photo: Years ago, I captured my four children standing on a beach (with the tide out) while the sun was making an incredible light show. Now all four are adults, working hard in our coffee business, making their own contribution to the Miskito Indian school project.

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