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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Product image 1Papua New Guinea
Product image 2Papua New Guinea
Product image 3Papua New Guinea
Product image 4Papua New Guinea
Product image 5Papua New Guinea
Product image 6Papua New Guinea
Product image 7Papua New Guinea
Product image 8Papua New Guinea

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Cupping Notes: creamy brown sugar, pear, red apple,  with hints of honey, citrus, mango, and guava

This is an S.H.G. (Strictly High Grown) specialty grade coffee

       On the Big Island of Hawaii, you can stand on the beach with your feet in the Pacific Ocean and gaze at two massive snow covered mountains. It is the same on the island nation of Papua New Guinea, where the Owen Stanley Range of mountains with snowcapped peaks over 14,000 feet runs east-west through the country.

The Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley A 16+ is sourced from family owned farms located in the Nebilyer Valley within the Tambul-Nebilyer District in Papua New Guinea. Each producer cultivates coffee on 1 to 2 hectares of land. The coffee is fully washed and sun dried at the Kuta mill, which has been in operation for over 40 years. The Kuta mill operates between the Ulga and Kolga tribes and has become a place of common ground for producers who have traditionally been in conflict because of tribal differences. The mill owner, Brian Leahy, makes a bonus payment after the harvest to farmers who consistently deliver quality cherries.
     We like our Papua New Guinea dumped from the roaster when the brown color is consistent and there is no oil on the bean- a medium roast. It is one of our favorites.

 Photo: Learning to read and write opens up a new world for Miskito Indian children. Since we began our school project in 1986, tens of thousands of children along the Rio Coco have been given the skills to help them become good farmers, good neighbors, good parents, and good husbands and wives. Our current enrollment is over 1600 students grades K thru 12 in eight communities along the lower Coco River in N.E. Nicaragua.

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