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Ethiopia Harar

Ethiopia Harar
Ethiopia Harar
Product image 1Ethiopia Harar
Product image 2Ethiopia Harar

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Cupping Notes: Honey, Vanilla, Berry       

       On the eastern extension of the Ethiopian Highland plateau is the ancient walled city of Harar, perched at 1880 meters (6100’) above the western edge of the arid coastal plain.
        Harar has been well known for fragrant coffee with distinct strawberry & blueberry notes along with deep complex honey, vanilla, and spicy notes. It is one of the most exquisite coffees of Africa, if not the entire world.
        We roast our Harar slowly to cultivate the distinct flavors, dumping it from the roaster at the first hint of the second crack.
      We purchase this green coffee from Dominion Trading, which funds schools and clinics in Ethiopia from their coffee importation and roasting business, in a similar manner as we do with our friends in Nicaragua. This is truly "100% Certified Humanic" coffee.

Photo: Picking coffee is a laborious process, requiring a specific technique. Rather than just pulling the cherry off the limb, its better to give the cherry a twist before pulling. This leaves the "root" of the stem on the branch, which will grow another coffee cherry the next season. 

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